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Flight Deck

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Ærotomania: Flight Deck: 
a limited edition 52-page, full color, Artist Book / Shuffle Text is also available, directly from the author

Videopoem with created and performed by Adeena Karasick, Music by Frank London, vispo, Jim Andrews, 2020

"Aerotomania: The Airplane in a Time of Uncertainty”: According to Marshall McLuhan “the airplane is an extension of the body”. Taking this as its base, this video investigates how the airplane is structured like a language. In the wake of the airline crisis during this pandemic, as both as a love letter and a lament to the airplane – through a border-blurring of poetry, analysis and vispo, it speaks to ways both individuals and meaning get transported to multiple and sometimes unexpected destinations; how the airplane becomes a symbol of hope, flying through a variety of zones, registers, soaring to higher and higher levels, leading to radically transformative possibilities of pleasure, power and promise.

Created for the Womxn, Technology and Media Panel at the 21st Annual Media Ecology Association Convention, August 2020 and “The Semantic Environment in a Time of Uncertainty” for the 68th Institute for General Semantics Symposium, October,  2020.

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