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The Book of Lumenations

The Book of Lumenations section, takes as its jumping off point, the Biblical Eicha, The Book of Lamentations, and through reflection, deflection, refraction and the fracturing of language, homophonically re-situates the original text to the horrors and hope of the present moment. Tracking through “the city” as a desolate weeping widow overcome with misery, and moves through desolation ruin, prayer and recovery, exploring ways that in rupture, there is rapture. Through a luminous, voluminous threading of light, it highlights how darkness is a form of light, how text itself is, in essence, black light on white light, and thus opens up new ways of seeing and the cyclic nature of meaning and being. As a text of defractions and transpositions, “contrascription”, substitutions, “The Book of Lumenations” is an annexual discourse of contemplative hunger.

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