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Poems by Adeena Karasick
Lavender Ink


Paperback, US$25.95, ISBN: 978-1-956921-12-0, Oct 5, 2023

Marked by a playful “cognitive dissidence” and a lyrically explosive mix of pathos, philosophy, comedy, and wit, Ærotomania: The Book of Lumenations marks Karasick’s 14th volume of poetry. Through a poetics of politically engaged aesthetic resistance, negotiates turbulence, loss, nostalgia andhope inscribing a jubilant “present” which is ever-arriving.

“The Book of Lumenations” section, takes as its jumping off point, the Biblical Eicha The Book of Lamentations, and through reflection, deflection, refraction and the fracturing of language, homophonically re-situates the original text to the present epoch, exploring how darkness is a form of light, and in rupture, there is rapture.

In exquisite full color, the “Ærotomania” section explores how the airplane as an erotic theater, a social text of secret motives, is structured like a language. As both a love letter and a lament to the airplane, it speaks to ways both individuals and meaning get transported to multiple and sometimes unexpected destinations; and how, like language itself, the airplane becomes a symbol of hope.


As a border-blurring text incorporating elements of visual poetry/concrete work, asemic/sound poetry, theoretical discourse, and poetic, philosophical, and Kabbalistic aphorisms, “Ærotomania” highlights how language–an ever-swirling palimpsest of spectral voices, textures, whispers, and codes–transports us through passion, politics, pleasure, and promise as we negotiate loss and light towards new ways of seeing and being; and, like the airplane, flies through a variety of zones and registers, soaring to higher and higher levels, carrying its passengers through radically transformative possibilities.


Hank Lazer, author of Thinking in Jewish and P I E C E S

Book your flight now. The amazing Adeena Karasick – poet, theorist, performance artist extraordinaire – has built a new kabbalistic aircraft that takes readers to newly discovered other worldly and other wordy domains. Text takes flight. Hop on board. The passengers already onboard include Jacques Derrida, Elliot Wolfson, Lauren Bacall, Georges Bataille, Marquis de Sade, Ingeborg Bachmann, Michael Wex, and many more. Seats are still available. “hiding in plane site/sometimes it’s crying out under the weight of its reference/renavigating/from one destination to another/performing its own genealogy,” this is a flight not to be missed. After all, “we are the letters traveling through space and time.”
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